Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is often associated with soft tissue injuries. It can also however be the after effect of any other injury, such as broken bones, spinal cord or internal injuries. The pain may originate with an initial trauma or injury that then heals, or there may be an ongoing cause of pain. Some people suffer chronic pain despite very little evidence of an ongoing or identifiable physical issue. This can make these conditions very difficult to diagnose and treat.

The emotional strain of chronic pain can be enormous, and also impact your pain levels. Depression, anxiety, stress, and fatigue can be side effects of pain, and often amplify symptoms. Treatment requires addressing psychological as well as physical aspects of the condition.

Often people are dismissive of chronic pain, usually due to a lack of knowledge or inability to associate with a condition they do not understand. This applies both to the general public as well as treatment providers. Our personal injury lawyers will not be dismissive of your symptoms, as we know firsthand how these conditions can wreak havoc on you and your family’s lives. Often our assistance involves not only providing personal injury litigation, but ensuring we put you in contact with the physicians and therapists that can provide you with some help and relief.

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