Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries, whether they result from whiplash or damage to your shoulders, arms, back or legs, can be insidious. You may have pain for several days or weeks, or it may develop and manifest itself into a permanent chronic pain disorder. These injuries can result in brief periods of time off work to recover or may leave you with ongoing symptoms that make it difficult to work and function as you did before. They may also result from orthopaedic injuries where the tissue has been damaged surrounding the injury.  

Fibromyalgia, chronic myofascial pain and chronic fatigue syndrome are all conditions associated with these types of injuries. Physicians find it difficult to accurately diagnose these conditions at their onset, and often they take time to be properly assessed and treated.

These can be painful and debilitating injuries, and can often be coupled with depression and anxiety as an individual struggles to manage day to day life. Our personal injury lawyers have substantial experience dealing with these claims and may be able to help you not only get the compensation you deserve, but also with directing you to the treatment professionals required to help you on your road to recovery and management.

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