Ophthalmologic Injuries

Injury to your eyes can happen from trauma (such as in a motor vehicle accident) or in some cases as a result of medical malpractice. Regardless of the method of injury, losing sight in one or both eyes, or having to deal with diminished vision or ocular pain, is devastating to the individual.  

Eye injuries can result in a person’s inability to work, drive or navigate their home and the outside world as they did before. Activities such as reading, watching TV and socializing with friends and family can become impossible and daunting tasks. Often the fear and anxiety relating to a further loss of vision can also become psychologically debilitating.

Our personal injury lawyers have experience with these types of claims, ranging from issues with pain to total loss of vison. In pursing any negligence claim you may have, we will make sure to access the best medical expertise possible, both in terms of obtaining any treatment options for you, as well as representing your legal best interests.

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