Caroline was recommended to me by a colleague who I had used for my real estate transaction at the firm and it was the best recommendation! If you are looking for a caring, compassionate, hardworking lawyer to represent you for a personal injury case, I very highly recommend her. My 2 daughters and I were struck by someone who ran a red light and despite the injuries being what seemed like minor at the time, throughout the years, I was left with lingering pain and emotional trauma. I met with Caroline where she listened to all of my concerns and advised on a course of action. She explained all aspects of the process and was there to answer any questions whenever I had them. As we went along, I was always fully prepared for each step and Caroline always went above and beyond to make sure I was ok through it all. In the end, I was more than thrilled with the outcome and it was all due to her hard work and persistence to not settle for what I didn’t deserve. I have already provided her name to a couple people who were in need of some expert advice.”


I retained Caroline to represent my elderly father a few years back. In addition to being a strong and strategic advocate, my lasting impression of Caroline was how she treated my Dad with compassion and patience. She was able to explain complex concepts in a manner that he understood, and was willing to spend the extra time necessary to ensure that my Dad appreciated what was happening and where we needed to go. She very quickly settled the issue in my Dad’s favour. She was an outstanding advocate for my family and I would recommend her to anyone needing assistance with a personal injury matter.”

J. D.

In 2013 I had a stroke. Initially I retained Caroline to handle my medical malpractice suit, which is presently still ongoing, but she as well handled my LTD case where they were finding every excuse not to pay my disability claim. It was very stressful but she was always there to listen to me and encourage me to hang on, even when they tried to make feel like I was at fault. She always went the extra mile to console me and assure me they would pay – and she was right – they did. Even when my insurance company tried to attack her personally she always stayed true to my needs. Incredibly honest and caring – I would recommend her to anyone who needs a good lawyer who always has your best interests at heart.”

S. G.

After becoming disabled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, I thought I could handle my Long Term Disability claim myself. However, as the months passed and there still was no resolution of my claim, I realized that I was getting the run around from the insurance company and I needed help! From the first telephone call, Caroline was compassionate and professional and worked diligently to obtain a timely and positive resolution of my case. Without her, my case would not have had a positive outcome. I have and will continue to recommend Caroline to anyone needing legal counsel to deal with disability claims and personal injuries.”

N. W.

I highly recommend Caroline Failes as a personal injury lawyer. I suffered a significant spinal cord injury as a result of what I believed to be medical negligence. She represented our family. Caroline assisted us in negotiating a happy settlement at mediation which took into account both our short and long term interests.

Caroline demonstrated excellent cross examination skills at discovery; kept us informed and focused on the legal issues while being receptive to our input; and maintained excellent relationships with opposing counsel while putting on a strong fight for our rights at all times. All of this, in our view, contributed to an excellent result we were all satisfied with at a relatively early stage.

I was a difficult client because I am a lawyer myself and had to learn to trust another lawyer to do her job. While she earned my trust there were many moments when I made her life difficult by questioning her every move. Yet she was confident with her approach and sailed us to the end of litigation and a happy settlement. We thank Caroline for being part of our lives during a vulnerable time in our lives and contributing to an excellent result.”


I was lucky enough to get a referral to have Caroline represent me for my MVA tort claim thanks to a friend’s recommendation. I had just finished firing a very incompetent firm who had previously represented me, and came into the whole experience rather skeptical of the legal system and lawyers in general. Caroline immediately struck me as both very professional and very ambitious when it came to the pursuit of her client’s best interests. Her proposed target settlement was 300% higher than the previous firms, which seemed like a lofty goal to me at the time. She didn’t just meet that goal, come settlement time she exceeded it. It is thanks to her hard work that I enjoy some degree of financial flexibility and peace of mind today. I would recommend Caroline to anyone in my position.”


I came in not knowing what to expect and was a little overwhelmed with my situation. Caroline and staff took care of everything, and were very good at taking the time to answer any questions. I at no time felt that I was not being looked after, and I always felt that she was looking out for my best interests. I always knew I was in good hands. Even now that my case has settled I know if I ever need anything I can give her a shout.”


I was extremely pleased with the level of service that my Aunt received. Ms. Failes was willing to meet in the comfort and convenience of my Aunt’s home, and she was very compassionate while reviewing my Aunt’s extensive medical history. The legal process was explained clearly, we were able to move forward with confidence, and we were satisfied with the end results.”


In 2006 I was involved in a MVA receiving multiple injuries causing severe headaches, neck and back and lower back pain among others. I found myself being unable to work and to participate in family activities. Depression soon followed. My family and I decided that legal action was the only option to recover lost wages and for pain and suffering. I contacted Ms. Caroline Failes of Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall LLP. I knew that I had done the right thing. The road was difficult at times but I am grateful to Caroline for everything she has done. I was always treated with prompt, professional service, allowing me to focus on my recovery. I would recommend her to any one of my friends or family who needed sincere, informed professional advice. From the MS family and from the very bottom of our hearts, thank you Caroline. Thank you for the excellent results.”