Depression & Psychological Illness

Psychological illness can develop following physical injuries, or it can be the primary injury that you are suffering from. These injuries are often the hardest for clients to discuss. Most clients are hesitant to talk about their feeling of depression or anxiety, or admit to struggling with day to day function.  

In most cases of physical injury, some degree of depression will ensue. It is rare that we take on a file involving a serious injury where this is not the case. For our personal injury lawyers, this is understandable and often inevitable. For you, it may be something that you are not willing to easily speak about. Often our clients are so busy dealing with physical injuries that they brush off their psychological needs for months or years, focusing on what they consider the primary injury. Part of our job is to help you feel comfortable speaking to us about your needs and what you are going through with your injuries. This extends to not just you, but family members who may be in need of help.

With any serious personal injury claim, be it physical or psychological, or a combination of both, you are likely entering into a long term relationship with your personal injury lawyer. These types of claims can take months to years to resolve. As such, there needs to be a certain degree of trust and comfort in that relationship. We work hard to ensure that our clients know they can rely on us not just for our legal expertise, but to be sympathetic and understanding of their circumstances.

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